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Smooth and Efficient Plumbing with Professional Drain Cleaning Services

At Ortiz Plumbing, we pride ourselves on providing efficient and effective drain cleaning services. We understand how disruptive and inconvenient clogged
drains can be, so we strive to solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

These methods may include removing the trap under the sink, using a plumbing snake or auger to remove the clog, or using hydrojetting to clear the pipes. Our experienced technicians will determine the best method for your specific situation.

clogged kitchen sink w water running
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Here is a video of how we clean a sink

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Cleaning A Drain

To clean a toilet drain, the alternative method offered by Ortiz Plumbing is to remove the toilet and use a plumbing tool called a snake to clean the drain from underneath the toilet. Snaking involves using a specialized tool called a drain snake or auger to remove clogs and debris from the toilet drain. This is done by inserting the snake into the toilet drain and rotating it to break up the clog and pull it out.

removed toilet to snake drain
hair from drain

Debris Can Cause Problems

It is possible for shower drains and tub drains to be clogged by bath toys. These toys or balls can accidentally be dropped or pushed into the drain while playing during bath time. Hair is also a common cause of tub and shower drain clogs. When we wash our hair, loose strands can easily find their way into the drain and over time, these strands accumulate and mix with other debris such as soap scum and dirt, forming a clog.


Building trust with our customers is a priority. We value the relationships we establish and maintain.

Charles BeckmanCharles Beckman
23:05 06 May 24
Alfredo and Mark arrived on time and very professional. Assessed the issue and quoted which I accepted. Started work immediately and resolved the problem. We prefer to deal locally and Alfredo lives just blocks away. Very happy with Ortiz Plumbing and strongly recommend using them for any needs you might have.
Annie SarkarAnnie Sarkar
22:16 20 Apr 24
5 Stars! I had an emergency in Pleasanton at home and called Ortiz Plumbing at 8 in the night, the owner and his son came within 30 mins and stabilized the situation so that flooding would not occur, then came back the next day and worked on fixing the pipes and machines. Quick efficient service, polite and reliable people, have saved their number for plumbing issues at home! Thank you Ortiz Plumbing!
Gurpreet AnandGurpreet Anand
19:13 12 Apr 24
Peggy WelchPeggy Welch
01:23 04 Apr 24
Amazing customer service. Showed up on same day we called to inspect multiple issues and returned the next day with all the parts to do the job. Alfredo and his team went above and beyond to make sure everything was working properly. Very professional. Thank you Alfredo!
Kathryn GregoryKathryn Gregory
20:24 02 Apr 24
Gave an estimate and explained it clearly to me. Thank you.
911 Hazmat Cleanup911 Hazmat Cleanup
23:42 22 Mar 24
We called Ortiz plumbing last minute once we found out that a pipe was broken and we needed it fixed within a couple hours. Ortiz plumbing was able to come within the hour and gave us a great price and fixed the pipe fast and efficient! We highly recommend Ortiz plumbing! Thank you for helping us out.
Jon HiestandJon Hiestand
18:41 22 Mar 24
We had a great experience! Very fast response on service, we have toilets that have not worked correctly since moving into our building and after multiple different plumbers unclogging we finally had this team run a camera and show us where the real problems can be. Everyone on the team was very friendly and willing to involve us in the process.
gracious 144gracious 144
15:54 04 Dec 23
We were referred to Alfredo & his team, and called them when our Mom's water heater needed to be replaced. They did an excellent job in a quick time frame. They also noticed water pressure issues while replacing the heater, and after a full inspection of the house plumbing, brought issues to our attention which made us realize a full re-pipe of her house was in order. Again, the team did an excellent job with a quick turnaround - less than 4 days. They explain every step of what they're doing, use quality materials, work quickly yet with competence, fair/market-appropriate pricing - they know their stuff. Could be a bit better about cleaning up post-job, but otherwise, Ortiz Plumbing is now our family plumber. They will ALWAYS get our call when we need any plumbing work to be done. Highly recommend!


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